Eye on Washington

Administration Meets Challenge to Risk-Adjustment Payments, Counter to Critics’ Assumptions

An announcement issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ...
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Gail Wilensky, Ph.D.

US Faces a Challenging Road to Recovery After COVID 19

There is little question as to why President Biden is ...
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The growing challenge of Medicare

The Congressional Budget Office projects Medicare spending will grow at ...
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Medicare bill sets precedent for future funding

Almost all seniors are better off under the Medicare Prescription ...
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Next steps for health care

The second term of the Bush presidency is under way, ...
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Implementing the MMA

A lot has been written about the adequacy of the ...
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The challenges of Medicaid

Between the president’s focus on Social Security and the release ...
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Consumer-directed health plans a new force in health insurance?

Consumer-directed health plans—high-deductible health insurance plans combined with tax-advantaged savings ...
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Meeting the pay-for-performance imperative

Pay for performance is one of Washington’s most popular healthcare ...
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On the road to a national performance measurement system

It’s one thing to conceive of a pay-for-performance system in ...
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